Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 170 : I stop when I stop – When I stop?

                To stop the point, no matter which point it is, I simply have to decide be here. Once I am not in the mind all days, I see how point after point is challenging me, and I went through lot of them, and this ego point, me as simply this E-go instead of I go, is challenging me constantly, continuously, in such frequency, that is astonishing, once I started to see mechanics of me, understand me, see me as who I am as mind, that I still was not able to stop E-go point entirely. This is quite interesting, as I started to see, that through separations, judgments etc, which minds offer constantly, simply I can’t stop any point. It is simply impossible, because this will still bring polarity and thus friction and energy which will be followed.

Self stops, when self decide, any moment, self move once self stops. Self stops, once self embrace point as self as oneness of self with everything which self stand for as the point, self see. That's self decision,I decide.

Thanks, Juraj 

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