Sunday, October 17, 2010

My resistance

This is my first blog, after I found desteni, desteni people, desteni message, message of self. I didn't want to write, nor make some vlogs. My reason and excuse was, everything has been written, and everything has been said already. But not by me, but not about me, as I keep a lot of stuff within me and didn't want to share it. Keep for myself where noone can see.

Those who went through desteni material, they know what is this about, those who don't , maybe this will assist them. But first, I started to write blog to support myself, to assist myself, and to see for myself when and why I fucked with myself. As I see that writing supports me in realizing self.

I resisted to write about myself, as I know, that through writting I will reveal a lot of shit created within me by me through my life time here. I know that all that shit I accepted and allowed, and I become it. I didn't want to see what I created, I didn't want to share nor write about it, because why ? Why I should ?

And this is not about anybody else, it is just about me, to show me in front of myself, how deluded I am and I was.

I am doing this for myself, as I asked myself, what I really did for myself.

And If my writing will be supportive for others, that's great, as we are here to walk our process and support each other to do not live fake of ourselves but live for real.