Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Consistency – Breathing - Ego

                I noticed interesting points within me, when and how I am loosing consistency in breathing during the day.

                Mostly, if I am in conversations with someone, lot of times I go into information and knowledge instead of sharing me in the moment. I have to change this, I have to be able to remain here no matter in which type of conversation I am in.

                Conflicts, last period in my life, maybe 3-4 months, are from certain perspective most conflicting period ever, and this is due to the fact, that previously I was scared to be in conflict and I tried to avoid this for any costs so lot of times I simply remained silent instead of speak. This changed and I see that speak directly without bullshiting lot of times brings conflicts, and I see that sometimes I am falling in this. Main point – ego.

Ego wants win in conflicts and once I lose my breath I am not necessarily escalating conflict for the purpose of ego to win and to be right. But this is nice bullshit because I tried for myself, in conflict to still remain with breath and I was able to communicate without changing voice tonalities, without that sense to be right or want to win.

Within that I found another interesting point, sarcasm. From ego perspective it is like hidden, that If I can’t win so I go into sarcasm, and this is nice bullshit also, because in conversation there is no need to win at all, it is just sharing, nothing more nothing less.

So, I need to be consistent within this and not allow myself to be led by the mind where I do not want to go.

Thanks, Juraj

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