Sunday, February 26, 2012

Knowledge & Information

          I like to be informed, I like to have knowledge, to know and to be informed what is going on. To know how things work and how things operate, this gives me advantage. Advantage from perspective I am not blind, I do not need to doubt, I do not need to speculate about things, I see.

          I am the one eye king in the ocean of blindness. This means I see as the eye search within me, the mind of me do not like things I know.

          I used to take immense amount of knowledge and information in the past and blindly believed in it, the mantra of conspiracies and the lies hidden within it. I used to speculate and I used to imagine, based on stuff I heard and things I read. Nothing is the way I used to think before.

          In-form and the know-ledge, the limitation of the mind shown in those words be itself, the ledge of things I know, in which form I absorb and which form and value I shape this within me, what I connect and what I attach to those words, written, spoken, shared, as knowledge and information.

          Do I see? I see the mountain of useless information within me, most of them was lies. How I can be sure those things are valid and true, If I have no chance to prove that what was written by someone is true?

Who wrote that stuff, and why that stuff has been written? In news, magazines, on web, books and novels, in school books, zillions of words and sentences everywhere produced, with the mind infinity could last to read through it. Garbage. No need to read it and no need to worry. Everything everywhere the same shit, the same lies, the same deception and the same garbage.

It took me years to realize this, and it is simple, let’s have a look what is written? Who write about equality, who live that equality? How to live equality?

I see that if I look as the mind I am blind, I see that If I search as the mind I found no answers, I see that If I live as the mind I deny the obvious, with the knowledge and information I am able to deceive myself and do not want the reality to be the way as it is, because within my mind I want reality to be according my perception and my will, according that what I know.

But let’s stop for a moment, what do I see? What Is here? The reality, the only one real reality, which is real is here. What’s not here is mind, mind even have no idea what means to be here, those zillions of information are just distractions of the mind, and mind is never here.

Thanks, Juraj


  1. Thank you for valuable and interesting information! Now I need to translate it to norwegian language so I can keep it in my mind.

    Lise Tollefsen Slembe
    org. HULK help for youth in serious lifecrises
    and EMANCIPATION film

  2. Thank you for sharing this Juraj!