Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                 It is interesting word from perspective, that if you want to have power, very other component has to be present within others, and that is fear. If fear exists, power exists. If fear do not exists, power do not exists.

                In my life, for some period I was in charge of managing working duties about 50 people. I was very aware, that I am equal to them and that I am not more and I am not less, we was on the same boat per say, just one difference was, that I had my office where I could create the scheme for duties and so, simply to decide who will do which work, etc, everything what was needed.

                Mostly, I allowed folks more things than to myself, and within this I realized that it is maybe impossible to satisfy from some group 100 percent of participants and the point, that how orders are made and communicated, have crucial impact for this satisfaction. Simply, how leader behave, share, communicate, have very strong impact within group, as group will always look on the leader and pinpoint everything possible about him.

                Once, as around me was about 20 people and we together participated on specific type of entertaining, and everyone enjoyed it, I decided to stop and change this entertaining according my will and everyone in the very moment had to submit to this decision as I was persona in charge.

                No one spoke a word, everybody silently submitted to my will, because of point of fear within them, what I will do against them if I am in charge and how I will behave and what consequences will be, if they will dare to stand and speak.

                I was curious within moment, as there was no point to fear me they knew that I never did against them anything which could damage/harm their lives and also I never had those intensions, and nevertheless they fear to stand up and speak. This just show how strong the fear is ingrained within human beings, how deeply the lives of humans are controlled by fear, and this fear has many layers.

                After few moments I said them that I go and that they can participate on that what they was doing before, I delegated another persona to be in charge and I left.

                This illusion of me in power, by paradox came from them because of their fear. The experience of power, to be in charge, could easily change ones perceptions, one can easily trap own life in this illusion of power, in illusion to be more, and that one can dictate and decide without questions.

                I could trap myself into that idea and believe that I have power over them, but I realized that this power is not real power, and thus I let it go, because real power is to when one decide to stand up speak, act, the way which is best for all. In this acting/behaving I see real power of individual.

                The power games took place many times within relationships, I experienced it and sometimes I wanted to have power over other persona, to do what I would like from this persona to do, lot of times it looks innocent, but it is not.

To abuse this power over weaker ones, is simple, but real persona will not abuse power, never.

And this illusion of power is as energy linked to ones ego, ones judgments and perceptions, and desires to be more than what one really is.

Thanks, Juraj

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