Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birds are hungry

Some time ago I started to put some bread on my window parapet, to see if the birds will eat it. After some period, birds found out that on my window are some food and they started to eat it all. I bought some millet and sun-flower seeds and one my friend build provisionary hutch, I put there mentioned food. Few days birds didn’t found the food in hatch, so yesterday I spill out the way from hatch through the parapet.  They ate the sun-flower but didn’t want to eat from the hatch nor to eat the millet. So I again spill out through all the parapet the sun-flower seeds, and today morning, how I was standing in front of the window, one bird comes and another and another, in few seconds there was 10 of them eating everything and start to also eat some millet from hatch, when I came closer so all birds flew away ( maybe scared of me J ) so I noticed they ate everything except millet so I spill out again sun-flower seeds at all parapet and closed the window. In few seconds they start to come back and eat it, so I let them and went to work. I was glad they found that food and that they will not be hungry.
It is clear that we as humans, destroy natural habitat of animals and birds and basically everything around us, and we do not care if they are in hunger, how we can care about animals, if we do not care about humans? How much animals are hungry day by day because we are here, because we destroyed what was here and took what we wanted and let others to suffer and live in hunger. I feed them because I do not like the suffering in hunger, I know how it is. They are hungry, so I will feed them.  Birds have no opportunities as humans and previously I thought that they can easily find food and be okey, but obviously, we are the cause why they are hungry.

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  1. Cool Juraj - I would like to do the same, but there are simply too much cats where I live, and not a real secure place to feed the birds :(