Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The words I speak

It is easy to speak, whatever I want to about. But from where my words come from?

I can pinpoint and talk about environment about me, about people, what I see and what I have within me as knowledge and information.  What I realized about the system I live in, about money and abuse I see. That’s easy.

Sometimes is hard to speak about myself.

It is something different to speak the words which I stand for.  It is different to keep those words, to stand by those words.  The words I speak are the words of me.  The sentences and the meaning, what I want to express, it is absolutely different scenario, if I look on my words in self-honesty.

The words I speak is me, and I see that with some words I hide, I do not want to confront myself. I see I do not stand equal and one with each word I speak, with some yes and with some not, it is like playing the game, with self-honesty and self-dishonesty, polarity play out.

I see, that to stand equal and one with each of my word, means to speak less in some situations, or even do not speak at all.

And sometimes, I should speak more, I got another challenge for me here.

Thanks, Juraj

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