Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Body move - Breath move.

                I stood beneath the trees, closed my eyes and just focused on my breath, my head started to move, various positions started to change and I noticed how much muscles constraints/pains in my neck area again emerged.

                I enjoyed the refreshing blowing of the wind and the sounds of the leafs in that movement.

                So I just breathe in and out, and slowly released those tensions in muscles, my vertebrae clicks and movement of my neck and head become again smooth, my body started to move to several different positions, which maybe looks fancy, but in each move, there was like stop and I felt tension in muscle which has been the mostly stretched.

                As my body moved, the last position was like standing with straight legs but with body bent down with my hands towards my foot fingers, and I was little bit surprised how much tensions was in my lower back muscles. After few moments I straighten the body, and I like a lot the moment as I felt refreshed. It’s cool to feel the body and muscles, how with the breath is one able to refresh the body and release pains/tension in it.

                I decided that I will go more often to the nature and practice with my body, as I see that’s cool support to be with the body and work with.

Thanks, Juraj

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