Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self forgiveness – why self?

                If I experience/experienced some judgment/emotion/thought/perception/sense/fear/etc, thus it means I created it. For whatever reason, for whatever point, it is me who created this experience, it is me who allowed and accepted this.

                People have tendency to misplace their own experiences and project and blame some external person/point for that what they experience. It is not so.

                If I fear something, it is me who is creating this experience and this fear, because for example:

As I was young I was bitten by wasp, and it hurts, I didn’t like that experience of pain, I was bitten also another time to my tongue, when I ate some fruit, and this experience of pain was really bad, and there was some another places in time and space when some wasp bite me. Each time I was aware that it is nothing crucial and I will be ok, but as this experience repeated over and over, I started to charge this experience as negative and connect to this small being “ not likeness “ and judge this being as bad or useless or and I started to create within me fear towards small being, called wasp.

And this being is many times smaller than me, and I can smash and kill this being and by curiosity, it is me who feared this and not the wasp. Wasp cannot do me anything at all, except of some experience of pain which will my body cure in few days. When I saw the wasp, the picture of this triggered automatic reaction in my body to run away, or to move out from the presence of the wasp. Strange, how irrational this is.

So, who was the one responsible for created fear? The small wasp which I see flying around, or me through my past experiences?  Obviously, it was me. Only me,  nothing else.

That’s why self – forgiveness, because each experience I/we have, I/we are responsible.

And self forgiveness, it is just tool, how to release oneself from accepted and allowed behavior, judgment, emotion, how to free self from the never ending cycles of imprisonment in judgments, fears, ups/downs, reactions, imagination, living in the past and in the future, to became the living being which live here, as life not bounded by anything.

Thanks, Juraj

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