Thursday, May 10, 2012


            With this word by itself, word magic is resonating within me. I liked to imagine, and when I did this, it was mostly about future, how things will be, related to relationship with a girl, towards money, my living, house, the way how I would like to live or where I would like to live.

            Most prominent I used to imagine future when I met a new girl and started to date with her, when I started to think about her, imagine the places where we should go, what I would like to do with her, and mostly how sex could be with her.

            The next point related to money, what I would like to do when I would have really a lot of money, what I would buy or where my steps will head on, to experience things I never could because those money I simply do not have.   I liked to imagine, how I would like to get this money, or how much, and I can say, that even billions was in my head and how I would use it.

            Imagination “ served “ me during times when I used it as an escape from reality, when I was not able to “ live “ within my reality and thus I run away from it to different places in my head, to different words, where I was secure, safe and when the Imagined reality was “ more simple “ than this one.

            There were a lot of things what I imagined what and how I would like to do, and some of them, I never did.

            And, nothing of this is here, it is always in the future, it is always in the past, each time I imagined something, it was never here thus never real. As it couldn’t be, because, all just illusions – self made projections of likes, just imagined.

            But actually, to imagine things, and make things happen, is completely different scenario.

Thanks, Juraj

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