Monday, April 30, 2012

The words are innocent

                Today I was on conference call with my French co-worker and several folks from customer side.  Call was from certain perspective hard and long as lot of issues we talked about, and at the end they switched to French language for a while to have better communication as it is their native language.

                I do not understand in French a word, so I was just silently listening, as I was hearing the words I realized interesting point.

                As I had no clue what they speaks, It was for me just words, those words couldn’t cause within me any reaction, judgment, thought, or likeness or dislikes, nor perception of positive or negative words, also I couldn’t make any idea or believe about their speech.

                As I have nothing programmed within me in relation to sounds/words spoken in French I realized how perfect the programming of humans is just through words/sounds.

                The judgments or perceptions of the words, not seeing what the word is by itself, what the word really means, but what one thought what this or that word is according own programming and own judgment of the words.

                I faced many times, when people said to me, that this or that word is negative, or wrong, or ugly.  And many times I explained that simply such a word do not exists. There is no ugly word in this existence, and there is no wrong or negative, it is just word, and the word has some meaning and the word stand for something. That’s all.

                And you know what? You like to fuck, so why you judge the word FUCK as ugly? And you like to shit, cause when you have to thus you have to, and why the fuck you judge the word shit as wrong? Is wrong when you shit? And it is ugly when you fuck? It is bad when you fuck? Wake up.

And the word fuck have many meanings and stand for various different explanations within context spoken, so this word is just a word, like apple, like orange, like stand or sit.

                This is the same with positive or negative perception of the words.

                So maybe you will realize that if you judge some word, it is you who is wrong, not the word. The words are innocent.

Thanks, Juraj


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