Friday, April 27, 2012

Misinterpret misinterpreted

            Recently, I was blamed that I lied when I provided certain information to one persona. I didn’t. I was sure that what I am telling is true. I was sure that I am just passing what I was told thus I can’t lie. It was not so.

            I asked question, the reply was not direct answer to my question but I within my mind took it as it was and thus I believed what was told was direct answer on my question.

            I was asked this information and I provided it to other persona, and this persona blamed me that it can’t be true because the guy who provided this information couldn’t say that.

            I asked him, how many times I can do specific thing, he replied that each time I came. Thus I interpreted this as ok, if I came more than one time I can do it therefore more than one time. This makes sense.

            In the question was missing one the most important word – day, per day, how much times per day. According rules they have, it is just once per day. Thus I was not aware of it.

            Thus I was asked why I am doing it second time per day, as I came second time that day, and I said that I was told this information thus I am doing it.

            Conflict arises and I was blamed as liar. Actually, I didn’t lie.

            Then I realized, it was me who asked not direct and not specific question, thus the answer which I get was also not direct and specific.

And within this, I took it as valid answer and therefore misinterpreted what was told, and I created conflict just because, I did not ask directly at first. Second, I took something which was not valid answer on what I wanted know as valid and acted according it.

After that entire scenario, I discussed this with persona I had conflict with, that it was just misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

            I realized, how crucial is to keep track with what was said and not shape any word or words spoken, how crucial is to speak directly and ask directly, with required specificity to avoid possible misinterpretation of the words or to avoid misinterpretation of the meaning which one asked or replied.

            How many conflicts I could prevent, how much I created just because I was not direct and specific with my words?

            And this just show, how easy it is to complicate things, when one do not direct words in required specificity, when one shape things within own mind or do not take attention of words spoken, or make assumptions.

So I stop this.

Thanks, Juraj

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