Saturday, March 31, 2012

The rules – The principle

                I found, that in my life I broke certain rules of society really zillions of times, from childhood till now uncountable times where I stepped out of the rules accepted by society, morality or ethic.

 I can say I do not know what does these two words mean, as this words are made up illusions of society behavior accepted by most of participant within a group and this differ within a nations round the globe as each country follow bit different laws, dogmas, religions.

The more rules and laws we have in place, the worst quality of our lives is as the limitation and control by this laws is making perfect slaves within a nation where the individual have to submit and follow the restrictions thus from free life the follower is born which fit into and live the life according to it where the free will do not exists anymore, yet people still believe that they have free will but this only because they do not see how much mind controlled they are thus accept own programming and own brainwashing, which we can see that is perfect.

And as I see this, we do not need laws and we do not need restrictions and we do not need ethics or morality, as all what the humanity need is to live according the principle, where all are equal.

The principle of equality, where the quality of life is maintained for each living being, including the humans, animals, plants, bugs, and from this the free life for us will be born where we all will be free from our own mind control systems created.

We do not need multiple languages and we do not need borders and we do not need separation to exists, as this is only perceived within the mind of man that things existed this ways always, which can’t be true, if for you the common sense have some meaning.

And maybe you will ask, what is equality, or how to live equal and one? What this does really means? To grasp the message of desteni and why desteni stand for equality, require some effort and education of yourself, but dare to ask.

Dare to ask within you and dare to find out answers, as the principle of equality is the only principle worth to live.

Thanks, Juraj

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