Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Death of me

                Many times I heard/red, things related to death, about the death, or what is or what should be after the death.

                All what I can say, I do not care what is after the death of my physical body, and I do not believe any scheme or perspective as I see that all perspectives are of the mind and thus cannot be valid or true as with the end of physical body living - mind dies and body return to earth.

                For me, the death of me is each time I am not aware that I am. When I go to sleep, suddenly I am not aware that I exist, yes my body still in the bad, but I am not aware of me not even of my breath, thus I died.

                At morning I woke up and thus I am aware that I am that I exist thus I am reborn. And I breathe and I am here. Question is, Am I really aware of me, or just memories of me has been activated and thus I fit into it and continue in time line to repeat this memories?

                The moments of energy connections/ believes/perceptions and ideas which I let go, I experienced in certain manner as death of me, death of my self-definitions. As the parts of me I let die I still remained here and by paradox I am aware much more than I used before.

                Therefore, if I will let go all limitations of me I created and, all self-definitions and all stuff which I would call me, separation and each reaction of judgment, it would mean I die as the mind but I will be aware of me without any limitations, definitions, believes, it means that I will be still here, here.

                Thus question is, what can really die? And what will remain?

Thanks, Juraj

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