Friday, March 16, 2012


                 I saw in front of me the persona lost 50 euro and thus money on the floor. In the very moment like war within me ignited.

                Take this money, no one will know, you can do it no one will notice, my mind says. I searched within me the possible outcomes of this action, it will be safe or not? Will someone notice or not? Are here cameras which could reveal this?

                I let go this questions and I did not searched answers.

                All of this, happened, within few moments, just seconds passed and I turned towards this persona, took the money from the floor and gave them to this persona, with just saying – “You lost the money”.

                And that’s it, just simple action, and within this action I changed myself and I changed the direction and the outcome and the perception not only for myself but also for persona which lost those money.

                After this my body tremble little bit but I was proud of me, and I see that to overcome the temptation can be easy, just breathe and act.

Thanks, Juraj

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