Friday, March 30, 2012

Deception of love – I killed flower for you

                Some years ago, when I wanted show love towards a girl, I bought a flower and said to a girl, that – “I am giving you this from my heart, it is the mark of my love”

                In my country this is very common to buy flowers to women as a sign that male care, notice, or love a woman.

                But what is behind such common act as a buy a flower, and give to a woman?  Many starting points could be written but mostly hidden manipulation, deception and abuse.

                But, in this act, man is actually saying: I killed a flower and I am giving to you a flower which is dying in my hands as a sign that I do not care life, as a sign that my ego is so big that I really do not care for life, and I will kill as many flowers as possible to manipulate you to like me, to adore me, and love as I love you, and we will remain in this deception of love, which we call it, but actually it is just our energy play out and have nothing to do with real love, because we do not care for life.

                Is love to kill life, innocent life just to bring a picture in front of eyes a persona we would like to manipulate and mainly because we would like to fuck this persona ?

                Isn’t this a great perversion towards a life?

Thanks, Juraj

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