Thursday, May 10, 2012


            How I understand it and see, is, that the beauty, judgment that something, someone is beautiful, or that this is beauty, always come from comparison.

            Where one point is perceived as more then second one, and thus first is judged as beauty, and second as ugly, because first one can’t exist without second one.

            Beauty, do not exist if nothing ugly exist, and even then things can be seen how they really are, and this judgments of beauty or ugly are really everywhere, media serve this zillions times per day, magazines, TV, everything is compared, judged, and served to people, this is beauty, this is ugly.

            I used to, always look on girls, this one is beautiful, because she is thin, well shaped, exactly according brainwashing of media.

            Or the cars, o yes, this one is pretty, nice, beautiful car, look at that shapes, that lines, look on those wheels, or the lights, very, very beautiful.  And look on that one, ugly old shit.

            Day by day, I am facing that people around me are saying, oooo you have so beautiful shoes, oooo you have so nice jacket, or how beautiful are your pants. Lol.

            I do not participate in it, why should I? Why should I judge things the way you judge? Or do you even realized, than when you say that this is beautiful, it is judgment? Do you like to be judged? Why to judge?

            All those words, are simply always just brainwashing of society, media, country ones live in, always.

            It is not real perception, real seeing of the things, how they really are, because it is judgment and judgment is never seeing.

            From things which I judged as beauty I used to create energy, positive one, one I liked, and from ugly, negative, and it was always just polarity of the mind, never real seeing, never being here, just in judgment.

            And reality is much more simple, without judgments, when I just look on thing what they really are, cup is just a cup, do not matter what shape or color the cup have, it is cup and can be used for something, that’s it, nothing less, nothing more.

            The picture on the wall, it is just picture, some geometrical shapes, some color, some folks can pay millions for just some color on the wall.

            Is shark ugly or beautiful?  How you would decide? Is cat ugly? Or Dog? Is the building in front of me ugly? Or it is amazing beauty? How I would decide which one it should be? Do I have to judge it? Do I have to use this word? No.

            Is your face beautiful? Really? What about thoughts behind this face? Who is behind? Can I see it please? Will it be still so beautiful and nice? Does this face lie? Does this face deceive or manipulate? Does this face abuse? Or even if yes, it is ugly? No, nothing of that, it is just what it is, nothing less, nothing more.

Thanks, Juraj

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