Sunday, June 10, 2012


            I see you. You see me. The moment I open up and let go my fear as I see this fear is illusion, my words are words of me and I look directly into your eyes as I do not fear what you will see in and within me, and the moment you let your fear and speak directly to me I see you and I see what you allowed and accepted and what you have became.

             I see my actions and I see that I lived in fear most of my life. This fear I lived I was thought to live it, according judgments of what is good and what is bad and thus what I judged within me as bad I hold within me hidden and secret and no one never knew what I have done, allowed, accepted to me and why.

            That what I judged as good I presented to others as painted picture of me where I showed who I am according my own judgment and perception of me, thus no one in my life knew me as this was impossible as within the fear I hold myself into I never showed the face of the “ devil “ I allowed and accepted to myself.

            The behavior and words I presented as good and hide that which I judged as bad came simply from polarity of good and bad, which I was thought and thus I learned that I have to behave and speak this way.

            But lets drop this fear, and the life became quite different and interesting journey in exploring self.

            To drop the fear is expanding experience, to drop the fear is quite liberating action where self just maybe for first time see how much we use to live in fear, to speak through fear, to move through fear, to look through fear, to eat with fear, to kiss with fear, to touch with fear, to sleep in fear.

            To drop the fear is quite interesting decision, where self stand up and the dogmas of society no more direct the life and expression of the individual, to drop the fear is freedom and the fear is that which bounds and tie oneself into a self created prison of judgments by paradox thought by others.

            Lets drop the fear and the life became quite expanding and amazing journey here on earth, where the planet stand for all equally.

Thanks, Juraj

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