Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good intentions

                I sat in coffee bar and I wanted to move on different seat, as that was softer and I needed electricity for laptop which was nearby, on the table was some old stuff like glasses and bottle.

                I decided that I will help the waitress girls and I tidy that table before I sat there, so I took the glasses on the tray with bottle, as I did step to the left and moved with body I lost focus on that tray in my right hand and I felt in hand that I lost balance and glasses and bottle start to falling.

                Within that moment as I saw falling glasses and bottle I realized how this could end broken on the floor with big mess all over the place, and within the same moment with left hand I catch both glasses with bottle to prevent this to fall on the floor.

                I stood bit surprised how fast physical could be, as within that moment no fear or thought has been present within me, and I could hardly “ believe “ that I catch this stuff and nothing has been broken or damaged.

                I took this stuff nearby bar and let it there, as I came back my body and experience of frightening took place, as I realized, that good intentions, means nothing. As this could be ones starting point for some actions, but this could turn to really big mess if focus and presence of one’s action is missing, maybe just for one moment, and everything can turn the worst way.

                Each moment of my actions, my presence, my words, is equally important to moments which are gone, because within the moment which is here is determined the very next moment which will come and outcome of that moment.

                To simply have some good intention in mind is useless, because not this good intention will determine the outcome, but presence of one during actions performed.

Thanks, Juraj

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