Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breathe – releasing tension in muscles

Today evening, I laid into my bed and set up clock timer for 1 hour.

I closed my eyes and comfortable lay down my body, my hands softly holding the blanket to remember to myself where I am. I was focusing on my breathing, focusing on touch of my body with the bed, on my hands.

Darkness in the room, I heard the ticking of the clock from background. Focusing on that sound to do not allow my mind to take me on journey of thoughts, back chats. Some thoughts appear at the beginning but I simply stop to participate on them with focus on my breath, hands, movement of my eyes. I slowed down, nothing within me, no thoughts, no reactions, no memories, just me here on the bed.

My left eye in fast movement, from left to right, is cycling.  I stopped it with focus on breathing, feelings of my eyes disappear, I experience energetic pulses within me. Those pulses start to weaken, noticed that it is connected on my breath like beating of the heart but it is not heart. It is like from somewhere inside my body.

Energetic pulses start to disappear and occur, once in hands, in legs, in the middle of my body. No distractions here, just sound of the clock, no thoughts, darkness and silence within me. Wanted to stop energy within me but do not know how so still focusing on my breathing.

I am calm, suddenly alarm. Hour passed and I decided to sit on the bed. My hands on my legs, nothingness within me, just me breathing.  My head start to moving, this move happened by itself, slowly from one side to another, it is like my body moves my head and I let it. Move from one side to another and I experience tension in the muscles of my neck, I focus on my breath, nothing else, I am one with my body and I let my body to move.  Moves of my head are changing to different positions, stay for a while in some position till tension is released and then move to another position to release another tension.  I let my body to move my head to whatever position it want, some of them I never used before.

Moves stopped and I stood up. Tension in muscles released with ease, just with breath.

Thanks, Juraj

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