Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fear – face and push through

I sat in bus today evening and in front of me sat some young girl, at one bus stop her girl friend get on and sat next to her and they start to speak. The first one has been complaining that she start to experience strong fever and sore throat at the night, and that it started at once and that she do not know what to do with that and how come that she is suddenly sick.
I realized why she is sick but that time also I wanted to say her something how she can assist to herself and cure herself. But immediately, fear raised within me, and lot of different excuses why I should not speak to her and say something, my mind start to show me very fast one excuse after another, but I realized that I should push myself through that and say her something about breathing, as I realized that that is only one thing I can explain to her in few moments, I knew there will be not a lot of time. So I said to myself that if she will get off at the same bus stop as me, so I will go to her and speak. Also, in my mind hoping she will not get off the same bus stop.
But damn, she did.
I had no time to doubt, to wait, so immediately she get off, I went to her and I just said. “ Sorry I am disturbing you, I heard you are sick, so I suggest you to focus on your breathing, breathe in, and breathe out, you will see, it will help you. “ At first she stepped back, maybe little bit scared how come some stranger start to speak with her, but after that moment as she heard my words and recognized what I just said, she smiled on me.  I smiled on her.
I turn back and went my way to home.
Proud on me, that I didn’t allowed my fear to do not speak. I do not know, if she will do what I suggested her, maybe not, but in that moment, I pushed myself through that fear, I spoke and proved to me, that my fear was just an illusion of my mind.
Thanks, Juraj

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