Sunday, February 27, 2011

I see the pattern – I push through

I stood at the balcony and I recalled the fact that today it is my turn to do duties as kitchen and hall cleaning with toilet and bathroom.

Immediately in my mind – I can do it later, it is not big deal do it later, nothing will happen if I’ll do it later … Normally, I would do it later, but today, at the same moment I realized this tricky talking of the mind how to hold myself to this pattern and excuses and postponing which needs to be done.

Nah, I stopped and I even do not want to bother myself with hearing another perfect excuses, so I pushed myself and took the broom and start to work on my duties. Then mop and started to cleaning the floor, and actually everything what was on schedule, just went around the basket. I noticed that I missed the cleaning the basket area, it looked clean – maybe if someone will bother to move the basket maybe there will be some dirt, but I continued liked nothing happened to another areas. It was like turning the blind eye and didn’t want to check if there is really clean floor or not.

When I entered to toilet, in my mind pop-up the video heard yesterday by Bernard about violating the trust and I saw clearly for myself how much times I didn’t my duties or tasks the required way because nobody bothered to check it, and everything looked fine. So I started to clean toilet with more attention, floor, etc, simply the way that it will be clean.

Then I returned to the kitchen and I was done with the cleaning just throwing last dirty thing to the basket, simply I couldn’t overlooked the same as I wanted to turn the blind eye at the basket area again and with mentioned above about violating the trust, I had to take basket off. And surprise, there was dirty floor behind basket, so I smiled at myself, heh, and I cleaned the floor behind basket also.

Thanks, Juraj

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