Monday, November 28, 2011

Clean what is within.

   I sat on my bed, with closed eyes, no pictures within me just some thoughts, coming one by one, slowly, I start to speak self forgiveness, the same slow way, hearing my voice, calm voice of me.

                Breathing, deeply and slowly, and in the dark only my voice I hear, forgiving to me what I have done unto me, what I allowed and accepted and within this I experience cleansing of myself, just me.

                And as we used to clean our body daily and take shower, to clean our teeth, to clean our hands, or even to clean our house, or place we live in, how often we clean what is inside of us? How often we clean what we have accepted, how often we care about ourselves in meaning, what became part of us, how often we clean our mind?

                Do we clean what is inside of us, or just accumulating bullshits of polarity?

                Maybe it is time to start clean what is within with more attention than what is without. Yes, what is visible we clean, we take care, what is within, we can hide, in self delusion, take no one know just we. And even this is not so.

Thanks, Juraj

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