Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who dare?

                Who is really interested in self? How oneself created his/hers own reality and why things function the way as they function? Who really care about ones inner reality? Who really care what the real solution is for oneself and for the world around? Who really dare to step beyond own mind and discover what is beyond? Who dare to step to the unknown and see, who dare to give up the definitions of one’s world?

                In last periods, I noticed interesting thing, how self-righteousness takes place in people, self-validation, the opinions and judgments, and even they are not aware they are doing it. They are innocent in this.

Lot of times I speak with people, in the moment about things which are relevant, I see, people are not aware what they are doing and why they are doing. They just do, they just speak, but why and what? That’s hidden. They do not know.

                In the very moments, when I am refusing to feed the personality disorders, when I am refusing to feed the systems within others, because I see for myself, that it will lead to nowhere and will not help to any in anyway whatsoever, lot of times I am rejected, blamed, my words changed and manipulated, the meaning I said turned and misplaced, or anything used against me to prove that I am wrong. I used to take this personally, as I never faced to something like this before. But even in this, people are innocent. Because even in this, they do not know why they do what they do. It is the mind.

                As I see, mind will always try to defend itself, to prove that it is real. Mind will always find ways to try to validate its own existence, mind will use anything possible to prove that it is right. The very common for anybody is just one word – Ego.

                To break down the ego, really require self-dedication, self-commitment, and self-discipline, otherwise it is not possible to step down from the pedestal of self created delusions.

                So, who dare to step beyond self-created fear? Who dare to look inside and see what we really became and how we exist? Who dare to face the truth of ourselves, who dare to look and see?

                If you dare, join desteni.

Thanks, Juraj

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