Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From illusion into reality

  The thoughts I believed was real, the thoughts I thought are me, those which I was aware of, I let go and those thoughts no more bother me. Just that simple it is.

                The voice which used to speak within me and I believed is me, I let go and the voice no more bother me in my head. Just that simple it is.

                The emotions I thought was real I stopped and this emotions no more bother me. How simple it is.
I used to look more within polarity of the mind on those one which I do not like or those which I do not like to experience. Those I let go and thus I forgave myself, but I forgot interesting point. To let go those one which I like, those one I would like to experience, some of them I let go, but some of them I wanted to keep for myself.

But that’s the same delusion as those judged/perceived as negative, the positive/good is just the second part of polarity.

I realized, how much points are in front of me from positive spectrum which I am going to work on, because, to stand real, mean stand without any illusion of the mind.

One side of polarity, or the other, both are the same illusions.

Thanks, Juraj

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