Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life has been forgotten

Recently, I was on a party after long period of time, the place where I used to like dance. Electronic music, people, common place created for people to have fun.

The bar and people waiting in queue for their uplifting drugs I bypassed and went directly near stage and started dancing. The music produced by Dj didn’t fit to my likeness very well but anyway I started to enjoy the dancing and movements of my body, I noticed I have problem to focus on breathing and dancing at the same time, some thoughts went through my mind.

Especially some thoughts connected to this place as memories, place looked the same but was not the same. My dancing movements was little bit hard, like heavy, maybe because I didn’t danced long time, but I would rather say because this movements was of memory, not of expression of me. The movements learned into physical, things I repeated lot of times, mainly about my legs, the movements of my hands I experienced as flow, free from bounds of thoughts.

Some thoughts flashing through my mind, as part of brainwashing of media, of perception, as likeness or dislikes of others, the memories of stuff read or heard on different places by different people, where obviously polarity of the mind takes place. What types of movements are “cool” and which not, what others could possibly perceive as great or not, some type of thoughts I was surprised that could be part of my mind. I let this go and cleared my mind, focused on movements and breathing.

I didn’t care what others could thing about me how I dance, I like to dance as part of the music, as flow of the tone.

Some band started to play, metal music or something like that, I went out, spoke with the people, and waited when the band will finish and could start to dance again. They play to long, from my perspective, so I went again in, stood just near the speakers in front of stage, and I looked on performance of singer, guitarists, and also folks raving on that music. Focused on my breathing, just that, I see, no expression. Just energy of the mind takes place mixed with drugs and people apparently enjoy this euphoria raving and jumping and bumping into each other in frenetic sound of bass guitars.

I see no expression, I hear no sound, the tones penetrating my body and pulsing but I just breathe, and there is no sound and there is no life. The performance of guitarists are far beyond performance of singer, she didn’t express at all, her singing is not possible to understand and she just kneel on speaker all time singing, and in this scenario I see, instruments raped as physical is raped to produce the energy for people to have their portion of fun.

To which extent we created our reality that rape is took as normal apparently judged and perceived as fun and good performance, where in fact, the expression of life has been forgotten.

Thanks, Juraj

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