Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fallen – breath

   I woke up today morning, finally, but was not awaken “ completely “. And I wondered, why?

                So I looked on this point, what cause me to not be able to wake up when I open the eyes at the morning, and then close it and sleep much more than I would like to. What is that cause that I can sleep 4-5 hours without problems, and then I sleep 10. What is that cause, that I can sleep consistently less than 6 and then I fall and I lose my consistency and I sleep and sleep.

                What I miss, what is that cause? And then I realized, it was like lightning to my head, I miss the breath. When I open the eyes at the morning, and I miss the breath I fall to sleep, I am fallen.

                If I miss the breath and I am fallen at the morning, it actually means, that each breath I miss during the day, is literally the same. I am fallen with each missed breath, because with the missed breath, I missed myself.

Thanks, Juraj

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