Sunday, March 27, 2011

Secret, secret mind

I saw deception of my back chat, and I saw deception of the voice which used to talk within me. I saw how I allowed and accepted to be deceived, I stop to participate in it.

                Few days after, slowly but surely secret mind starts to emerge within me, very slow, very soft speaking inside me. Trying to convince me that it is me who speak, that maybe possibly this speaking is me, trying to catch me the very same way like back chats or voice of the mind.

                I noticed interesting thing within it, it is nastier, it is straighter, showing me the core of me which I allowed and accepted.

                I can’t blame anybody, and I will not do that, because it is me who allowed it or not and I take responsibility for myself, for my actions, for the words I speak and why I speak. I take responsibility for that what is inside me, within me, as me and I will not allow to be deceived with the thoughts.

                The secret mind, is showing me the judgments I was not aware of, the thoughts I was living and the thoughts I has been defining myself to. It is showing me what was the triggers of my actions, and definitely, that I was living the mind, and not myself.

Thanks, Juraj

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