Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pay to the system which belongs to the system

Today I wanted to withdraw some money, zero has been displayed to me.  I was curious what’s happened that I have zero on my account, maybe someone hacked my account went through my mind, but I consider this as very low probability so I went to check my internet banking, to see what’s happened with my account.

                As I logged in, I recognized that my account has been blocked and executors are demanding the money.

                This reminded me, how a long time ago I decided not to pay to the system what belongs to the system. How I wanted to cheat with the system and that maybe system will forget. System never forgets as system is designed to remember, to store, to have a record and add some cute additional fees if the debt has not been paid off.

                So I recounted how much costs me my ignorance. The debts I ignored for banks cost me as additional fee plus 120 percent to original debt for whole years period, the debts I ignored for government issues up to 700 percent to original debt. So government which I am paying the taxes which represents 50 percent of my wage, can easily make from ignored debt 7 times more just because the rules, regulations and laws.

                I decided that I will no more ignore my debts, as otherwise system can catch me anyway and it will cost much more, then it should be.

                I wanted to fuck up with the system, system fucked up with me.

Thanks, Juraj

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