Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing myself

I met with my ex-employer by “coincidence “ . I was sitting in coffee bar. He sat near to me and said hello, and I start to speak with him as he asked me why I change image, as he didn’t saw me for a years and now I am bald.

                So I said him without any resistance, shame or judgment, that I am shaved because I support equality in this world.

                I started to speak with him very briefly about me, about the mind, about the government system and so, it was obvious that he has no enough time to speak with me.

                At the end of our short conversation, he said, if we will be able to teach our children to understand our mind and work with it, maybe we will be able to change the system we are living in.

                This was fascinating for me in the moment, because previously, I would speak with him about some normal “bullshits” people use to speak about, like weather etc. etc. but now I was clearly directing the communication with him, without any feelings attached to it, just sharing common sense and within it sharing myself.

                As I realized while I spoke that it is nothing to be ashamed to speak about, I enjoyed that conversation, without thoughts, without feelings, just me sharing me.

Thanks, Juraj

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