Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mind always wants more

I realized, I cannot fulfill the desires and the needs and wants of the mind. It is impossible. I tried. Different ways, all led to nowhere, because mind is never satisfied. Mind wants more and more and more and will not stop until it kill itself because of its own design of limits.

Through the mind, I can go only to its own limits, through the mind, I am bounded. Mind has borders, strict ones.

Energy generated through the act of thinking in believing that it is me, that energy used to move me because of my self definitions to that energy. And this is fascinating because if I wanted to experience some specific energy so I had to manipulate myself the exact same way as before just with illusion that it is different, but energy created was the same, than depleted and then I had to restart all process again and again in very same cycles not noticed that I trapped myself to one nice very cute fuck up.

Anyway, it is not worthy at all, because eventually if I would allow my mind to continue so it will create the exact same experiences of energy flow within me and through that, self definitions and desires and needs, which cannot be fulfilled because for the mind, it is never enough. And such act of energy dependency can led to entity creation within, become that and followed on the road of never ending cycles of unfulfilled desires which becomes the leader of one’s life.

Thanks, Juraj

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