Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My neighbor

I have been returning today at lunch time to home, and I saw my neighbor lying on the floor in front of the entrance to the building, I quickly recognized that it is something wrong with him, as he use to sit there and enjoy smoking while his dog is around him.

He had the brain issue due to the extensive alcohol abuse, so he lost ability to control his body correctly and simply sometimes he lose control of the body completely and someone around him have to help him.

So I came to him, took him off the ground ,stabilize his standing, open the entrance door, while the  female neighbor come to us to look if I need help with him, as she has been heading to her home also. I took him to the lift, then in front of his door and waited with him to open it and I let him go into his flat. I wanted make sure that he will be safe in his home, but when I went home I had little worries about him, if he will be able to move in his flat and so, because to lay on floor in flat with nobody around will be the same as lying on the street, maybe even worse because probably on street someone can meet him and help him.

Maybe someone can say that just only he is responsible for health and all problems which he caused to him due to alcohol abuse, but it isn’t so.

He just fit into well known pattern, while he has been fired from his job, then start to drink as he was unable to find new one, and as we know no one will employee the alcohol addict, so he ruined his existence to just on one level – waiting for death as death is only one possibility, slowly but surely, he is waiting for his last breath, with absolute no chance to change anything in his life,  as damage of his body is probably not been able to fix.

I live on the 8th floor, he on 4th, 4 levels below me, is persona waiting day by day, with the same cycle for his death. No life, just waiting.

Who support drinking alcohol in this country, world, and planet? Who is showing to the young ones, that drinking of alcohol is cool, and with that they can fit into society? Who support the governments which are completely manipulating the citizens to drink alcohol and perceive alcohol as the part of the life? Who support this scheme in this world? Etc…etc…I could place tons of similar questions.

So is only he responsible, or we all are responsible due to allowing and accepting this in the life, showing to others, not educating them properly, not teaching what really matters just only bullshits of society?

We all are equally responsible for everything what is going on in this world, due to our allowances and acceptances, simply, no one else. Only we are here and only we can fix this world and only we can change and only we can find solutions which will never allow for someone to fall into just waiting for death.

Join Desteni, join the community of people which are standing for equal life for all, equal opportunities,  join the community of people which are standing for that what really matters.

Thanks, Juraj

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