Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I experience pain, intensive pain, this pain is with me everywhere I am. Even hard to describe this pain, never experienced before.

It is not pain of feelings/emotions it is not pain of unfulfilled something, it is pain in my spine, in my chest, in my scapulas in my neck. It seems that this pain is compounding, day by day I experience it more and more.

Scapulas relate to limitation system, but as I search within me, I can’t see it. If I can’t see my own limitations, I must become my own limitation.

Information and knowledge, that’s my own limitation, everything I know and everything I can grasp, at the same time I am enslaving myself into it. Definitions created to each particular information I lived, it is infused in me, with me.

Want to drop it all, realized it is not possible, how can I drop what I lived and become it? I can’t drop it just like throw something on the floor, I have to defuse myself from it, purify myself and my body.

I have to forgive each one idea I had, each one self definitions to that ideas, I had to drop all believes, I had to drop everything what was lived not of life, all which is of systems, of the mind.

This will take some moments, one by one, to remain just only me, here.

Thanks, Juraj

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