Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hope dies as last

I used to hope, to hope that something will happen, believe to that, hoping that maybe possibly, this time it will go well.

My life, was based on such believe, that maybe possibly somehow, something will be delivered to me, because I hope.

But hope, is not real. It is self delusion, self limitation, self stuck in such believe. I have been taught to think that hope is the last what dies in someone, and that I need to hope, that I have to hope, because without it, nothing exists.

I do not hope anymore, with self responsibility, hope is not necessary, hope is irrelevant, hope is ridiculous, hope is fuck up.

I let the hope gone and I let hope die and I let die everything which is not real, which is not of the life, moment by moment, let die everything which I allowed to enslave me.

Thanks, Juraj