Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear mind

                Once at the morning, when I had hard times to wake up, I had a thought “ If this will continue I can it give up “ In meaning, to give up pushing myself, to give up process.
                A moment after that, I become like “ angry “ but this was not of emotions, I was absolutely clear, and it was like grrrrr, my dear mind, how you even dare to say that. How you even dare to show me the thought like this.
                To give up?  Myself?

My dear mind, there is only one thing which I will give up, and it is you. And you will be one what I will give up, slowly but surely, you will die, nothing of you will exists, nothing of you will remain, no tricks, no hidden agendas, no secrets, no thoughts, no feeling and emotions, no desires, and no needs, and no wants my dear mind. This is you. This is me, yes you are here with me as I allowed you to exists, just for a while.
I will remain.
And the tears right now run out of my eyes, as I see what I have became.
Thanks, Juraj

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