Sunday, April 3, 2011


As I see into me, I see how I was forming myself according reactions of others, according their words, needs and expectations or judgments.

But was all of that real? No, it was not, as everything others said to me, or wanted or expected, was just their own projections, desires, thoughts, judgments or expectations, etc.

It means, that I was forming myself according illusions of others, as I wanted to fit to some believes and ideas how I should live, how I should behave, what I should speak.

Based on this, I even start to judge myself, to punish and to treat, actually it is funny because all of this based on something what is not real, what is not practical or substantial.

It is interesting how I created my own illusions, believes and ideas, which are not real in anyway whatsoever. As I am breaking down all of this, one by one, and sometimes it looks like massive amount of interconnected illusions, actually it is simple.

Take one point, than another and another.

As I built myself over the years, the same needs to be done, just reversed, brake down, self forgive and let go. Actually it is fascinating process of self.

Thanks, Juraj

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