Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ego as mind - Breath as life

                I was wrong in my life many times, and wanted to be right. Wanted to win and prove to myself that I am right, that what I do, speak, in what I participate is me and that I am right.

                This was not me, this was living and walking my Ego, where the mind defend itself, own position within the system through various aspects, mostly linked to backchat which is silent but I heard it.

                The arguing, the fight, the statements, many times I heard and many times I followed and I allowed to myself be blinded and not to see what is here. Any thought which I allowed, had consequences in my life. I thought before that thoughts do not have effect, that I can thought what I wish to and dream what I want to dream, etc, I trapped myself, by my own thoughts into living something which is not me.

                Each one thought has consequences, each one is illusion, and each one thought is not of life. Interestingly, ego plays mayor role in it, when I thought and believed that I am that what is trying to defend the position within me, I believed that ego is me, it is not.

                I tried during the conversation to do not allow any thought which could trigger my backchat, interestingly this was cool as I was able to see how much times I trapped myself into backchating within me, arguing, ach, and for what? For my ego, which is not real, because if I do not allow it, it do not exist, any speech within is simple not real.

                It is so simple, anything which pops up in the mind, simply is not real. And has nothing to do with reality.

                The breathing is assisting amazingly, to stop and let go, to walk what needs to be walked, now I see, that each time I am not aware of my breath so that each very moment I am illusion and not real.

                This is process to walk to be breath as expression of life, stable and clear without anything which could deceive, delude, and compromise.

                The breath is stability, the breath is clarity, the breath is real, the breath allows seeing and the breath allows living.

                Be the breath, be the life. Walk the process of breath as life.

Thanks, Juraj

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