Friday, April 15, 2011

Jealousness - Eye of snake

                My day is fast, moment by moment passing and I experienced today some moments I missed, I experienced some as I could not recall when I was doing some steps, I had to bring myself back and look backwards to stick to time, to figure out. I was in mind.

                I experienced jealousness today, just for a moment, one picture I looked on and I had reaction towards, as I realized that I never will look like picture I saw. This is interesting because I do not want to look like fake presentation of someone anymore.

                I do not need to prove my look to anyone or to fit to any idea how I should look and how others should perceive me, therefore I do not need any comparison with anybody and I do not require any idea about myself how I should look, reaction towards a picture, interesting.

                I was jealous because of thought I allowed, that women will never see me like those picture which fit into idea of man looking great, from my perspective.

                I let it go, it is not real anymore.

Thanks, Juraj

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