Saturday, April 9, 2011

It is easy…

I has been sitting nearby bus stop, waiting on my number.          

Into my view walked one woman, her steps, her movement comes to my completely robotic, in second she stumbled and fall at the ground, directly on knees just she was able to move her hands in front of her to not fall onto face.

I was still looking on her directly, nothing moved within me, it was just not expected, she stood up, revamped her trousers, it was obvious she is okey, than she moved and walked in her direction away.

After that through my mind went thought, if I should helped her to stand up, but then I realized, how easy it is. If I fall, it is exactly the same, only thing which can be done, to stand up.

No judgment, nothing, if fall happens, ok, just stand up, it is easy, and within that, I realized, that each one have to stand up for themselves, that means I have to stand up for myself and no one can do it for me, it is only on me.

Thanks, Juraj

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