Thursday, April 28, 2011

The choice

                I believed that I choose what I want to experience and what I want to live. I believed that it is me who decides. It was not so. It was decided before I did, through my submission to the mind.

                As I looked on my past, believes I lived, ideas and perceptions, judgments I threw on others, it is clear it was not me who was the direction. The mind was. Each component of the mind I allowed, therefore I submitted and I didn’t lived and expressed myself, but just the illusions of the mind.

                If there is a desire, which directs, I am less than the desire, if there is a thought which directs, I am less than a thought, because, to be directed by something which is just an illusion, mean total submission to the mind, inferiority. Mind is the master, mind was the master of myself.

                This changed, as I changed, still I see what I walked and what I will. Now I enjoy that I do not go into reactions, into judgments, I enjoy how I slowed down and clarity I experience. I enjoy myself in the moments I am here.

                It is so cool to not have reactions on my environment within me, do not react on what people speak, just only direct what I face in very moment and thus direct myself.

Thanks, Juraj

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