Thursday, April 14, 2011

If breath is missing

I was with a girl, she provoked me sexually, with her body movements, behavior, attitude, touches, no words included just movement.

We was both dressed in dark red pajamas, looked more like togas. She moved to me, she turned with her back and came close to me, body on body, I touched her, she has hair, curly, my fingers moving and touching her head from behind, so gently. Moving down to her body, she pressed her ass toward my penis and I noticed I am excited, about that touch, I knew where this is heading and I didn’t want to.

As she continued I could not stop, wanted to focus on my breath, wanted to breathe, then I realized this is and illusion, I could not breathe. I could not stop it.

I realized it is a dream, fiction of my mind, and I woke up.

Interestingly, if breath is missing, all is illusion.

Thanks, Juraj

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