Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backchat and ego

                I realized yesterday that my backchat is linked to my ego, in those situations where it looks that what I said or did is apparently right or correct and someone is arguing, or when I allow some thought about other person – what that person did, do, will do in relation to his/hers personality, what he/she will think or is thinking, and when judgment is involved so this triggers my backchat where I want to defend my position in relation to win/lose polarity.
                This is cool how this works, interestingly, one thought is enough to trigger flow of consequential flow of ego construct.

                Ego wants always win, if there is not satisfaction of winning so this could continue with creation of emotions as anger, fear, etc towards the subject/object of losing.

                  At the beginning, there is always thought, the easiest way how to stop what one do not want to create, is stop the thought, if thought is missing, therefore nothing could be triggered.

Thanks, Juraj

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