Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is fuck up?

My last two days, are the most silent days in my life.

Not arguing within me, not fighting, I am calm and focusing on my breath became more natural, even hard to describe, calmness I experience is amazing.

I experienced yesterday bursts of projections within me, like creating speeches, talking, projected to the future, I focused on physical, what is real, on my breath, in few moments I stopped it and remained calm and silent.

I do what I have to do, I speak and I direct what I speak, sounds around me, people, world, I interact but I do not interact with my mind.

Yet still thoughts came up, slowly and I let them go. I will have to stop them before they pop up.

Nothing is disturbing me, I do not experience reactions towards my environment as I am stable, it is interesting experience.

Physical around is great support, breath is great support, to stop what needs to be stopped, and to remain here and not to jump into mind.

Only what is here is real, everything else is fuck up.

Thanks, Juraj

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