Monday, April 25, 2011

Absolute stand

                I had a long chats with different people, going through various ages and various positions, we talked about many points, sexuality, money system, desires, believes, behavior of people, interesting thing I noticed, then when I talked about points related to sexuality I become excited not by pictures of projections or fantasies as I can stop them and not allow myself to go into fantasies, but excited by the words by itself.

                This means that I defined myself towards these words and from them create the excitement, which I can handle and not escalate it and this is related to sexual experiences form my past which has been based on energy.

                Another interesting point is, that a lot of people see how this system is wrongly set up, and simply how much abuse is here, how much deception, etc, but they have simply fear to stand up and not follow and not to conform the society.

                Lot of people see how our money system is completely wrong, but all of them say the same, you cannot change it. Yes, I can’t change it, group can change it, individual can change himself and group can change the system we live in.

                In those chats I hurt my hand as I didn’t noticed pressure with my hand I placed on laptop, and the pain I experienced was great and still I can feel it, but this shows that when I am to much involved in something I can hurt myself without noticing it, where also mind is in search for some excitement, something which could possibly generate the energy.

                Interesting point is, that when I do not experience anything related to feelings or excitement, within me is something through which I would possibly manipulate myself for generating the energy based on words which could give me the same false sense of “ living “.

                This just means, that I am able to stand up, but I have to stand up absolutely.

Thanks, Juraj


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