Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question the angel

                As a child I trusted my parents, they believed that somewhere out there are angels. They said to me, that I have to pray to the angel and that angel will protect me.

                So I learned how to speak the “ prayer “ to the angel, and I prayed each evening how they showed me. Day by day, on my knees saying the same prayer to the angel, asking him for protection, protection of my soul.

                I was not aware that my parents lied to me, I was not aware that what they believe is not real. So I repeated, anyway, I had no another option as to follow the guidelines of my parents, I was inferior to them as each child is, quite sad how parents are teaching their children to believe in mind fucks.

                That’s fine, parents do not realize what they are doing and why they are doing, they do not see beyond their believes, they never question, they trust that what they do is the best for their children. But that’s not so, they have no idea what is best for the children, they are just showing to the child how they are fucked. And child copy, and I copied. They were my “ gods “ that time.

                And, the angel never came, no matter how much I would pray, no matter how hard I would believe, no matter how long child is on the knees, because, the angel, is just only illusion.

                The angel and idea of angels is pure delusion, mind fuck.

Thanks, Juraj

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