Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who is - Direction

I believed that some forces exists, as separated from me, like force of the fire, earth, water, wind, as elements of the earth, where the cartoons was foundation of this, the presentation of elements united an thus hero created to fight against elements of evil, where of course humans was always involved. I liked that idea. I liked idea to fight against humans.

I believed that forces as good and evil exists, I called that as powers of good and powers of darkness, in the times when I gave up religion, the idea of god.

I substituted the god of religions with my own explanations, as I didn’t wanted to serve anymore to the god which punish as religions are presenting, living in sin, etc, all that bullshits I was sick of it.

But there was still believe that something separated from me could have some kind of influence, and thus I prayed in my mind to those forces and especially when I wanted to win, I called the forces to intervene, lol, and amazing fuck up.

As I am writing this, I have to laugh on myself, how I have been deluding myself with amazing bullshits.

No such forces exist, no such believes anymore.

I am responsible for everything, and there is nothing out there which could be responsible or which could intervene, it is only me.

Only I can stand up.

I am direction. It is me who direct, not believes.

Thanks, Juraj

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