Saturday, April 23, 2011

Claws of the competition

                I took in-lines and went this year first time to have some fun outside. After the pause of not skating it was not so natural to move on in-lines, but after few moments I get into my mood and moved to long road made for in-liners.

                I started to push and move faster and faster, as before I liked, but after some period I started to be out of breath, then I realized, fuck I am not here to compete with anybody, it is just road and me one this road and without breath I cannot move so I slowed down.

                I noticed in my mind, that I focus on my finish and it seems to be too far to reach it, so I stopped to look on something which is so far, and started to look on my next movement, my next breath.

                I let faster people go and slowed down, stick to breath and my movement started to be constant without slowing down and without acceleration.

                I realized that I moved before according competition drive, where I looked on other folks as competitors and I had to be faster, lol.

                When I went to my finish, I enjoyed the resting, sun, music, children playing, cool moments I spent there and I decided to return back.

                As I started to move, I saw a girl in front of me and I realized that hers movement is much more effective than mine, so I changed my movement immediately and in few moments it became natural, and I started to enjoy skating much more.

                I saw that my skating before have been created according aggression and competition like ice-hockey players move, when I was returning home, I was like figure skater, just flowing and moving in calm manner in my own pace.

Thanks, Juraj

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