Friday, April 22, 2011

Words as a flow

                I had a quite long talk with one girl recently, we spoke about lot of points, and I enjoyed it extensively.

                First time in my life, I have been sharing with someone my past, my experiences, everything I spoke I said without resistance, guilt, or fear. I liked the moments I expressed myself, without any attachment of emotional turmoil, which was so cool.

                I even do not allowed any thought, any projection, as I did sometimes before types like, “ what he/she will think about that or that, should I spoke about it, can I tell this? , etc etc”

                Nothing, just me speaking about the points, it is cool, when no bullshits are involved in conversation. There was no manipulation, desires, or backchat, no believes, no ideas, it was cool.

                I enjoyed myself in that conversation, it was like just free flow. Flow of the words.

Thanks, Juraj

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