Friday, April 8, 2011

Desire to see makes me blinded

                Yesterday, as I posted my blog, I was still curious what it is I am looking on and trying to find out, but as I searched within me simply I found nothing.

                At the very evening, I looked on Marlen’s reply on my post, and this assisted me, as than I was able to see for myself what I created within me, in few minutes I experienced how the feeling of tiredness gone, it was not existed, and then when I read her post again I had to laugh on myself.

                The not necessary game I played with me was like following – I looked into a box and there was nothing, but me believing that there should be something, so I looked again. Hm, than I was curious how came that there is nothing as I believed that something should be there. So I looked again, and again, but still nothing so I created frustration within me that what the fuck I can’t see something, so instead of trusting myself I placed trust in believe. Lol what a fuck up. Heh.

                My frustration gone with feeling of tiredness, as I realized thanks to Marlen’s suggestion, that when “If it's not 'here' then let it go”.

                In the very moment if nothing is here so it is nothing, simple.

                The importance I placed to some pictures witch I could not put together and see directly, lol yes I deluded myself with this.

                And it was desire to find out and see and not looking on what Is here, I blinded myself with this desire, so it means that each one desire I allow and accept thus through that believe I will blind myself.

                I let go this desires, just look on what is here.

“If there is nothing at the moment, then cool we simply let it go until it becomes relevant for some reason again - this way we don't go creating new personalities or points to occupy the mind with, but go walking what's here, what presents itself, what comes up in any given moment.” - Marlen

Thanks, Juraj

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