Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreaming the dream of life

Past do not exists, it is not real, yet I lived according it, according reactions of others stored as memories, and thus forming myself in believe that it will work to the future. But future is not created so it is not real, so just another projection in the mind as possible outcome.

Daily, I see how I was/I am stuck in the mind, my fears controlled me and I was not even aware of, pictures where I put value used to drive me, friction and morality, whole package of mind components I become.

As I stopped some of, now I could see that my life, mostly was just an hoax, yet with the moments I enjoyed myself, but this goes to the past of my childhood but more I grew up more I became fucked.

Living in believe that I live myself, what was not true, I lived mind.

Different issues in my body reminds me daily, to which extent I submitted to the role of mind slave, follower of illusion that I am not a sheep, and yes I will work on all issues to release myself from it.

Lot of moments I was here but not aware of, because I thought that somewhere in the mind is important and valuable which gave me some sort of perceived security in illusion that I am saved.

Last days, as I spoke with different people, shows me clearly that my fears was not real, just another illusions, and it is so cool to share with people perspectives they are not aware of, because why not say to all, why not share that hey, but you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts, wake up man.

I dreamt my dream of life in the mind, not noticing that I was missing my life.

Thanks, Juraj

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